Career In WAN IT

• Our Team

We choose our team members very carefully. Everyone in WAN IT is highly talented, skilled, motivated, hard working and devoted towards perfection. Skill and talent of our team members match the international level. Everyone here needs to have passion towards his/her work. The team likes challenges, enjoys their success and always has infinite desire in learning. Our team is special and capable of proving themselves in any condition. Currently we divide our team among the following sections: 1) Management & office staffs, 2) Programmers, 3) Graphic designers, 4) Marketing & Sales people. Everyone in every section is best in what they do and their honesty and hard work has made WAN IT a rapidly growing software company in Bangladesh. We are proud of our team.

• Environment

In WAN IT, we consider everyone a member in the team. Everyone here is not just an employee but more than that. WAN IT is provides the most friendly working environment in the country. We do not believe in fake pressure, we do not think our members salves rather we understand their problems, take their opinions. There is no politics, no back biting, no lobbing – everything is crystal clear and transparent. Every member in the team also keeps the environment friendly. We do not push too much in formality. We value our members the most, we think about their rest, creativity and happiness. We believe if our members are happy then WAN IT is successful.

• Attitude

WAN IT is aggressive in nature. We like speed, we like challenge, we like to do something different. We like to be smart and we like to be efficient. We do not believe in complexity, rigidness and slowness. We like to take instant action and we like to do what needs to be done instantly. We like to hold our team together and we share our success, problems, and challenges equally to the team so that everyone can be a part of it. We like to use our brains, like to think positively even when we face difficult challenges. Our team and our clients both gives value to our attitude and we are happy to be different than others.

• Everyday life

A normal day in WAN IT may start around 8:30 am to 9:30 am. We keep some flexibility in start time to make our members feel relaxed from the start of day. The next 2 hours the team will be busy in meeting, client communication and discussion but hardly you will face any stress in this. Next 2 hours everyone will be working on their tasks and then we take the lunch. After lunch we usually have prayers, chit-chats and then we go back to work again. Around 5:00 pm we try to wrap up our works and try to get ready for home. Usually around 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm everyone will leave office.

• Career path

WAN IT truly believes in building up career. We have a plan for each member and we try to guide them through this plan. We care about their learning and training. We promote best practices; we regularly check their progress and arrange regular training. We let our members learn new things, use new things and stay up to date with the moving world. We are always concern about increasing knowledge of our member, making them smarter and sharper. We believe success of WAN IT relies on the quality of its members, so we are always serious about increasing our member’s quality.

• Facilities

WAN IT always thinks about the satisfaction of its members. As the company grows, we are adding more and more facilities to our members. We like to instantly pay back and share the success of company to our members so that they feel their hard work is paid off. Currently WAN IT provides the following facilities, but every year we are increasing the list:

  • Handsome salary
  • Regular evaluation and proper yearly increment
  • Bonus on successful completion of project
  • Free Snacks in office
  • 2 Festival bonus
  • Yearly trip
  • Standard Govt. holidays
  • Standard sick and casual leave

• So, Why wait?

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